Mike Dugan, CEO

Founder/CEO Redstone Aviation Group: Airborne ISR systems integration, modification and logistics support. Retired Navy Captain and Naval Aviator on the mighty P3 Orion. Business Development and Strategic consulting services. OCONUS operations. Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) training and implementation support.



Alex Laborde, President

Alex Laborde serves as President at Redstone Aviation Group. In his more than 24 years (previously with Lockheed Martin), he held a variety of increasingly responsible leadership positions with large corporations, including Modifications Manager, Sub-contract management, Program Manager, and Deputy Project Director. He is a Native Spanish speaker.

Mr. Laborde is a leader in the Aviation sphere, focused primarily on ISR, and consistently manages programs and task orders to completion on schedule and on budget. He is also a key member of the Business Development team, creating, shaping and developing strategies for new business growth in the USG services sector and in commercial aviation. He wields substantial depth in program management, and the Shipley Capture and Proposal Management methods as evidenced by ~2.3 Billion USD in wins.

Mr. Laborde also served his country in the U.S. Army from 1990-1999 while serving with the 160th SOAR (A). As a Nightstalker he served in various maintenance positions and deployed on several Direct Action missions. He also worked under SIMO, helping to modify Special Operations AC for multi-role missions. He went on to work for Sikorsky AC, as the Senior Filed Service Rep; Latin America, developing changes to the Arpia-3 (an international DAP).